Cocktail Bar hidden inside a burger joint: The Garret, NY


What's better than an amazing cocktail bar hidden inside a Five Guys burger joint? Not much. But when said cocktail bar is filled with an absolutely stunning cocktail menu and ridiculously talented ba [...]

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The Industry Haunt, Dear Irving: New York


Dear Irving is a cocktail parlor owned by the team behind the impressive Raines Law Room (another fantastic speakeasy style bar in New York). At Dear Irving, every room draws inspiration from a differ [...]

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Behind-the-scenes; The 7-course Kitchen Table Experience, The Aviary: Chicago


The Aviary, located in Chicago is arguably one of the best bars in the world and certainly serves the most inventive cocktails. Think smoke, infusions, spheres, alcoholic ice (yes it freezes when you [...]

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Unique Cocktail Ingredients, Sotol, & Fresh Oysters: Benjamin Cooper SF


Self-proclaimed Vintage with a Modern Twist, Benjamin Cooper, in Union Square, features an oyster bar, a seasonal cocktail menu with well balanced, carefully constructed cocktails, and undeniably char [...]

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Inventive Cocktails and Clear Milk Punch: Betony, NY


I ventured into Betony for the inventive cocktails and clear milk punch, and came to the conclusion that not only does Betony have some of the best cocktails in NYC, but the food is absolutely amazin [...]

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Custom Cocktails, Small Plates and Hospitality: Bar Marco, Pittsburgh


There's no cocktail menu at Bar Marco, so each drink is mixed to perfection based on your personal preferences using the vast array of fresh ingredients, house made syrups, and tinctures. This vintage [...]

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Secretive Bar Ritual: the Boomerang Cocktail Swap aka the Drink Mule


What's a boomerang you ask? Its sort of like a drug mule, but for cocktails (there's no drugs involved, but it is illegal in most of the USA). A secret drink mixed up at one bar, is put into a contain [...]

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Best Speakesy Cocktail bar in Southside: Acacia, Pittsburgh


Hidden behind boarded up windows, and a door plastered with old newspaper, you might miss this gem if you're not paying attention. The bartenders at Acacia have serious skill and ridiculously deep spi [...]

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Cocktail Infusions, Jams, Syrups and Mousse: Kalita, Mykonos


Kalita, on the Greek island of Mykonos, is a modern fine dining restaurant with an amazing cocktail program. We were so impressed with the drinks, food, service, and decor that we had to go there twic [...]

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Molecular Mixology: MoMix, Athens


Athens has an amazing cocktail scene and for true molecular mixology fans Momix is a must visit. Located in the Kerameikos neighborhood of Athens, it features drinks made with spherification, smoke, l [...]

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